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The instinct of the moment

Among the beauties of nature, it is the horses he loves to capture on the spot.
Stroll the grounds, observe, wait for the right moment, the most suitable light ...
He likes to attend and capture with a trained eye horseracing and other equestrian gatherings all over the world.


The studio

In order to magnify these exceptional stallions, he created a concept and a photo studio to be able to obtain his own lights, to decide the staging.
Obviously he can recreate this particular environment with a black background in any place on the planet, regardless of the surface constraints.

Image editing, and digital

The infinite power of the computer in the process of creating visuals, that's what he masters without ever abusing it.
Add contrast, optimize a visual, but without redrawing or distorting, let alone transmute.
He does not reinvent the visuals.
Digital is an indispensable tool and it is equipped with the highest technology in shooting and image processing.



I am a photographer for 25 years...

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